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Perfect your outdoor retreat - make it work for you & your space

The warmer weather is here (granted it can be very hit and miss in the UK), and we all like to sit outside with a glass in our hands, watching the world go by in the sunshine. I think it’s just as important to get your outdoor space looking and feeling great as much as the inside, but the majority of the time we usually put it right down at the bottom of the list of things to get done.

Everyone wants to escape to their own little oasis, and whether you have a large garden or small outdoor space, take advantage of whatever you’ve got – I often say the world is your oyster, find the pearl and throw away the grit! I think it’s about finding the best in things, even if at times, all you can see is “the grit.” I believe you can apply this expression to shaping your outdoor space too. So, with it being the time of year when things move outside, whether you have a patio, balcony, terrace, small or large garden, with some forward thinking you can get the space you love!

“Interior Design is making the best possible use of the available space” - Anonymous

First and foremost, what do you want to use your space for? The key to getting it right for your own home and lifestyle is to decide what you intend to use your outdoor space for, and then plan your styling around that intention. Do you envision your outdoors to be a spot for dining and entertaining? Or, do you want a relaxing spot to sit back and relax? If you’re lucky enough to have a big enough space to do both, then great, but if you don’t, you want to pick pieces that either serve as a multi-functional purpose, or pick one style you think you would get most use from.

Image courtesy of Silvia @DforDesign

When it comes to choosing furniture, how big a space you have to play with should play an important part in your decision making - you don’t want to dominate your space with bulky items and not have enough room to manoeuvre!

Think rattan, wrought iron or aluminium with thinner legs or gaps to let natural light through, or go for furniture with softer, lighter colours, whether that be in the form of the furniture base itself or in the soft furnishings and accessories you choose.

Have you ever heard the expression “buy cheap, buy twice”? Even if your budget is low, paying more initially for top quality furniture can pay off because it will last a lot longer – you want your furniture to withstand the different weather elements without getting ruined.

When it comes to styling, always go with your own personal taste, as at the end of the day, you’ll be the ones that will take the most enjoyment from using the space! With soft furnishings, mix and match different styles that have similar hues or with the same undertones so the whole space ties together nicely. Think umbrellas or covered pergolas for shade to keep you and the little ones cool (the kids or the pets!) during the day, but for those summer evenings when dining or relaxing alfresco, think candles, fairy lights, outdoor rugs, soft pillows and throws.

Image courtesy of Rachel Jackobson

Lighting plays a huge part to setting the mood for the late afternoons and evenings when the sun starts to set. There is such a wide variety of choice out there today, you are bound to find lots you like. I love outdoor lanterns, candles, fairy or festoon lights and soft spotlights to create a relaxing ambience.

One last thing - think about what you have indoors. An outdoor space should be a continuation of the space you have indoors. Of course, you don’t have to choose the exact same colours as what you have in your home but picking some key elements that you have and continuing them outside will give you unison and harmony to your dream abode.

Check out below my favourite picks for a dreamy boho outdoor space!

As always, thank you for reading and the support you have given me so far. Until next time.

~ Love always


1. "Yocha" cushion cover, OKA | 2. Solarvet outdoor mini lanterns, IKEA | 3. "Koyo" round silver table tray, Graham & Green | 4. Woven rattan candle, Anthropologie | 5. Herringbone outdoor throw, Barker & Stonehouse | 6. Chunky rattan planter, Cox & Cox | Panel divider, Barker & Stonehouse | 8. "Geo" outdoor rug, West Elm UK | 9. Ivy garden coffee table, Barker & Stonehouse | 10. Set of 2 Hampstead rattan chairs, Graham & Green | 11. "Kurtis" pouffe, Wayfair UK | 12. Porcelain "hurricane" lanterns, West Elm UK | 13. Hanging chair, Cox & Cox

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